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Sing Log Home - Unique Designs
Sing Log Home - Unique Designs
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kits
Log Home Log Building Kits
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kits
Pre-fabricated Square Log  Homes
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kits
Pre-fabricated Log  Homes - Do It Yourself Designs
Sing Square Logs - Easy to Build

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Step 1: The Foundation

The logs should be stacked as near as possible to your foundation, and if you have a slab foundation, it's best to keep them right on it where they're most easily accessible.

Your foundation should have 1/2" or 5/8" threaded rod extending from the J-bolts sunk in the concrete at approx. 3' on center. Instruct whoever is doing your concrete work to make sure the rods are installed in the center of the stem wall, as they should extend through the center of the log. Install treated 2x8(or other size appropriate) boards using a hole saw attachment to your drill to drill holes to accommodate the threaded rod, around the perimeter of the foundation.

Lengths of flashing bent at an angle over the outside of the treated boards to form a drip edge and termite guard are installed over the boards before laying the walls. This is called the sill plate, and the logs will be placed on top of it.

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